Provision Safety was created to help individuals and businesses grow a safety conscious culture through the pathways of training, specialised safety equipment sales and safety equipment testing and tagging. Put simply, we are here to help you make your workplace safe so that you and your staff get home safely.

We believe that safety is less about ‘have to’ and more about ‘want to’. That’s why we work closely with our clients to find out what their needs are and tailor systems that help them achieve their specific want to.

We understand that every worksite has its differences, from the work being undertaken to the staff carrying out the tasks, so we make special effort to understand what the unique nature of each site is so that we can find your personalised solution.

We all know that work is important, but what happens at home outside of work, on weekends, with friends and family is priceless. What you need is to be reassured that at the end of the day you and your workers get home safely.

We are here to help you grow your safety conscious workplace, where you and your team want to be safe because life is worth living.



Provision Safety specialise in onsite delivery of training and assessment providing for the following key benefits:

  • Training can be more closely contextualised to the work staff will be required to undertake on a regular basis
  • Participants are trained on, and familiarised with, the equipment they will be required to use in their everyday work roles and ensure equipment is being used correctly and safely.
  • Reinforce organisational procedures, including risk assessment and hazard management requirements
  • Assist organisation in identifying site specific challenges or concerns to continuously improve systems and processes
  • With the training done on the company’s premises, employees save valuable time, which otherwise would have been lost on commuting from another location to the trainer.
  • Flexibility in choosing the best time and the ideal location or environment to train your team
  • On-site training allows the organisation to be free to make last minute changes to who might or might not be helpful to include in training

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