What is the purpose of this course?
The course provides workers with the required skills and knowledge to safely enter and work in confined spaces. Participants will gain the skills and knowledge to conduct local risk control, gas test atmospheres, issue work permits and work in accordance with issued permits to enable them to safely complete confined space operations.

Training is a legal requirement for any person who is required to enter and work in confined spaces.

What is a confined space?
A confined space is determined by the hazards associated with the specific situation—not just because work is performed in a small space.

A confined space means an enclosed or partially enclosed space that:

  • is not designed or intended to be occupied by a person
  • is at normal atmospheric pressure—or is designed or intended to be at normal atmospheric pressure—while a person is in the space
  • is a risk to health and safety from:
    • an atmosphere that doesn’t have a safe oxygen level
    • contaminants like airborne gases, vapours and dusts that may cause injury from fire or explosion
  • has harmful concentrations of any airborne contaminants that may cause impairment, loss of consciousness or asphyxiation.
  • is at risk of engulfment.

About the course
This is a complete course for beginner and advanced workers alike. They will learn the latest regulation, skills, training and understanding to safely enter and work in confined spaces. This is a competency based training course that will keep working with participants for additional periods of time to help participants achieve the required competency.


Who is this course for
The confined space skillset is designed for people who in carrying out work for a business or undertaking, could:

  • enter or work in a confined space, or
  • carry out any function in relation to work in a confined space or the implementation of emergency procedures required for entry in a confined but who is not required to enter the space, or
  • any person supervising a worker who is required to enter a confined space

Licensing, Legislative, Regulatory Considerations
While there are no licencing requirements for entering or working in confined spaces, the WHS Regulations requires workers are provided with suitable and adequate information, training and instruction in relation to the following:

  • the nature of all hazards relating to a confined space,
  • the need for, and the appropriate use of, control measures to control risks to health and safety associated with those hazards,
  • the selection, fit, use, wearing, testing, storage and maintenance of any personal protective equipment,
  • the contents of any confined space entry permit that may be issued in relation to work carried out by the worker in a confined space, and
  • emergency procedures.
Enter and Work in Confined Spaces
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