What is the purpose of this course?
The skid steer loader operations course provides workers with the required skills and knowledge to operate a Skid Steer Loader in the civil construction industry. Training is also required to minimise the risks to health and safety of any person required to operate a Skid Steer.

The training course includes: Planning and preparing: Conducting machine pre-operational checks; Operating Skid Steer Loaders; Lifting, carrying and placing materials; Selecting , removing and fitting attachments; relocating the Skid Steer Loaders; Carrying out machine operator maintenance; and cleaning up.

What is a Skid Steer Loader?
A Skid Steer Loader is a self-propelled wheeled machine which steering is accomplished by skidding or reversing the wheels or tracks on one side of the machine. It has an integral front-mounted bucket-supporting structure and linkage, which loads or excavates through forward motion of the machine, and lifts, transports and discharges materials.

About the course
This is a complete course for beginner and advanced workers alike. They will learn the latest regulation, skills, training and understanding to safely operate a skid steer loader. This is a competency based training course that will keep working with participants for additional periods of time to help participants achieve the required competency.

Licensing, Legislative, Regulatory Considerations
While there are no licencing requirements for operating a skid steer loader, a person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure that information, training and instruction provided to a worker is suitable and adequate having regard to:

  • the nature of the work carried out by the worker
  • the nature of the risks associated with the work at the time of the information, training and instruction, and
  • the control measures implemented.

The training provided must be readily understandable by any person to whom it is provided.

A person conducting a business or undertaking must not direct or allow a worker to carry out construction work unless the worker has successfully completed general construction induction training.

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